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Being a TERRORIST at London Heathrow Airport American Airlines said -Health and safety

I was a Terrorist and I did not know til April 2016
I have been a rapist and I did not know til April 2016
I have been accused by my ex employer to infringe Health & Safety regulations , When they put millions of live (passengers)at risk ignoring health and safety obligation .
         More info on    Link youtube Being a TERRORIST at Heathrow Airport confirmed by American Airlines

           I will explain the fact , please watch the video below Part 1 and 2

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Whistleblowing claim investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority: Result that a group of oil companies ( BRITISH PETROLEUM  -Total-Texaco and Kuwait Petroleum) fueling aircrafts at Heathrow Airport has violated the obligations of health and safety, placing millions of passengers in danger. 
An employment Judge shamefully strikes out the claimant's claim under rule 37, To Protect the respondent's reputation.

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                                                   Watch the video 
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I am afraid that I must now draw a line under this correspondence.I intend you no discourtesy by so doing.Further correspondence from you on these same matters will be filed without acknowledgment or reply.

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